Entering New Laboratory Tests

To enter data for a Swell/Consolidation, Grain-Size, Proctor, SHEAR, R-value or CBR test:

  1. Create or open a project file (see this section and this section).
  2. If the test sample came from a physically identifiable location such as a borehole or test pit, create or open the boring's folder. If the sample came from a client or from a stockpile, open the "(no source)" folder.
  3. If the sample hasn't yet been entered into the project, find a blank data entry card on the right side of the screen and enter any identifying information available on the sample (such as the sample number, depth to the sample, etc.).

After creating/opening a source folder and entering the sample's identification information you can proceed to enter the actual testing informaiton. At the bottom of the data entry card holding your sample's information you can find a list of links to the installed laboratory testing modules: Click the left mouse button on the appropriate link to begin entering your actual test data.