Entering Borings, Test Pits, Monitoring Wells, Etc.

See this section for a general discussion of LOGDRAFT's data entry facility, including menu selections, keyboard shortcuts and data entry techniques.

All of the data taken from a single source are grouped together within a LOGDRAFT project. (Sources represent physical locations from the project -- some different types of sources are: borings, test pits, monitoring wells and trenches.)

You don't necessarily enter the same types of data for every source: Compare this figure, which shows a typical monitoring well data entry screen, with this figure, which shows the prompts required to enter data for a survey point.

Survey Point Data Entry

The prompts and data entry fields that are required for a given type of source are stored in a data entry form file. (As noted in this section, every source entered into a LOGDRAFT project must be associated with some data entry form.)

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