Editing a Legend File

If you want to

you will need to edit the legend file associated with your project by following these instructions:

To modify a legend file:

  1. Open the project.
  2. If there's a Legend tab underneath the Sources panel on the left side of the screen (as in the example screen shown this figure), click on the tab.

    If there isn't a Legend tab then your project currently is using the program's default legend file: The symbols, descriptions and notes in this file are shared with all other projects that don't have their own custom legend file. You can edit this file (choose Legend > Edit the Default Legend), but any changes that you make to it will affect every project that doesn't have its own custom legend file. Alternatively, you can create a custom legend file for the project so your changes don't affect any other project -- refer to this section for instructions.
  3. Once you have the legend file open for modification, the Sources panel on the left side of the screen will show the various lists of symbols and descriptions stored in the legend file: Click on one of the lists to open it for editing.