Starting Out: Creating a Source Folder

Once you've created a new project file the next step to take is to open up a source folder. The source folder is where you'll be placing all of the data taken for a single material source such as a boring, test pit, etc.

To create a new source folder for entering data for a boring, test pit, etc.:

  1. Create or open the project.
  2. Select Source > New.
  3. LOGDRAFT responds by showing a blank data entry screen. Check the name of the source's data entry form (you can find it listed at the bottom of the screen). If the form isn't the one that you wanted to use, see this for instructions on selecting the proper form.

To create a new source folder from a copy of an existing folder:

  1. Open the source folder that you want to copy.
  2. To copy the entire folder, select Source > Duplicate.
    Select Source > Duplicate Source Data to just copy the information in the Source Data section of the folder (see this figure).

Laboratory testing data entered with a GEOSYSTEM laboratory test module such as GrainSize is not copied when you select Source > Duplicate, however, the calculated final results (such as GrainSize's "percent > #200" value are).