Creating a New Project

Caution: Hard disk failures happen! Be sure to occasionally save copies of your projects onto tape drives, CDs or USB keys. (You can find instructions for doing so in this section.)

To create a new project:

  1. From the opening screen, click on the Create a new
    or Select Project > New
  2. The software will respond by showing a standard Windows file selection dialog. Begin by navigating to the directory where you want to want to store your new project file.
  3. At the Project name: prompt type in a name for your new project.
  4. Click on the Create button, then click on Create at the next dialog to confirm your selection.
  5. Next, if you have at least one of the GEOSYSTEM laboratory test programs installed (e.g., GrainSize, Proctor, CONS, etc.), LOGDRAFT will ask for the type of project being created: If the new project will be used exclusively for entering laboratory testing data using one or more of the GEOSYSTEM laboratory test programs, choose Data for laboratory test programs only; if you'll be entering boring logs (with or without accompanying laboratory test data), choose Data for boring logs, test pits, etc..
  6. Finally, if LOGDRAFT can't find a data entry form to use with your new project you'll be asked to choose from a list of data entry forms installed into the system (recall that the program uses a data entry form to determine the prompts and data entry fields that will be shown when you're entering data into a project).