The Configuration File Tabulated Data Section

Set up the report's table section by dragging data item names from the dictionary box to the right-hand Tabulated section box. Note that if there are already items listed in the table box, then the place where the new item is dropped is important: If the new item is dropped above another item in the table box, then the program will insert the new item before the existing item; dropping the item below the last existing item will place the new item last in the list.

>When an item is dropped onto the table box, the program will display the Column Definition dialog box, which will allow you to pick a title for the table column that will list your data.

Column Definition Dialog

The Column Definition box includes the following selections:

To delete an item from the table list or to change any of the settings associated with that item (such as the column title), double-click on the item in the Tabulated section box. The program will respond by displaying the table item settings dialog box, which can be changed as desired; to delete the item entirely, click the Delete button; otherwise, click OK to effect any change made.