The Page Heading Section

The heading section of the printout usually lists items that pertain to the entire project being summarized, such as the client's name and the project number. (In this figure, the Page heading box is set up to print the client's name, the project name, and the project number.)

A short discussion of the Data Dictionary, which is used for creating the page heading, is necessary before providing instructions on creating the page heading:

The dictionary box, located on the left hand side of the list configuration screen, lists the various items of data that can possibly be stored in the current project file. (Data need not have actually been entered for every item.) These items are culled from the various data entry fields included on your boring log form, as well as test data results calculated by any GEOSYSTEM laboratory test packages that have been licensed. (The Categories box allows you to narrow your search for a particular item of data down to, e.g., project information, or boring start and stop times, grain size test results, etc.)

To place an item of information into the page heading, drag the appropriate item from the dictionary box to the box on the right titled Page heading, then drop it. Note that if there are already items listed in the page heading box, then the place where the new item is dropped is important. If the new item is dropped above another item in the page heading box, then the program will insert the new item before the existing item; dropping the item below the last existing item will place the new item last in the list. (The order in which items are listed in the page heading box determines the order in which the items are placed on the summary page: top to bottom in the page heading box corresponds to left to right, then top to bottom on the actual printout.)

After you drop a dictionary entry onto the Page heading box, you'll be shown a dialog that asks you for a Field title for the dropped item:. This title will be printed to the left of the actual information associated with the item: in the line shown below, the words "Project No." would be the field title.

Project No: A95-223.01

Note that the program automatically inserts a colon (":") and a space between the field title and the actual information.

If you want to delete an item from the page heading list, or change an item's title, double-click on the item in the Page heading box. The program will respond by displaying a dialog box with the item's field title which can be changed. To delete the item, click the dialog's Delete button; otherwise, click OK to effect any change made to the field title, or Cancel to discard any changes.