Changing a Source's Data Entry Form

This section discuses how LOGDRAFT uses a file called a data entry form to determine the appearance of your data entry screens. When you create a new project you're asked choose a data entry form that will be used whenever you edit that project -- once the project's been created you can change your mind and switch to a new form. You can also combine sources requiring different types of data entry forms into a single project -- this is useful if, for example, your monitoring well installation reports require you to enter different data than your boring logs. For example, the project being edited in this figure uses three separate data entry forms: one form for monitoring wells, one form for regular borings and a form for entering test pit details.

Choosing a new default data entry form

LOGDRAFT projects have a default data entry form that is selected when the project is created: This form is used whenever you add a new source to the project. If you discover that you need to change the data entry form for most of new sources that you're adding to the project because, for example, you began with up a data entry form for borings selected as the project's default data entry form but most of the new sources you're adding need a monitoring well data entry form, proceed with the following instructions:

To change a project's default data entry form:

  1. Open the project.
  2. Choose Project > Default Data Entry Form.
    This changes the data entry form used with all source folders that haven't been configured to use an alternative form (as discussed next).

Choosing a new data entry form for a single source

Once you've added a new source to the project you override the project's default data entry form by choosing a different data entry form for the source. This is done in cases where, for example, although the project's default data entry form is set up for entering boring logs, several sources in the project require a monitoring well data entry form: recall that this figure shows a project that uses three different data entry forms.

To change the data entry form associated with a single source:

  1. Open the source folder that you want to change. LOGDRAFT will show the source formatted with the data entry form currently associated with that source -- the name of the data entry form currently used with the source is shown at the bottom of the data entry screen.
  2. Choose Source > Data Entry Form.

"I don't see prompts for something that is printed on my report form"

This is the most common problem encountered by users after modifications have been made to a report form: Usually what's happened is that an item has been added to the report form without a corresponding data entry field being added to the data entry form.

  1. First off, make sure that you're using the data entry form that is required by the report you're trying to print: Preview the report on-screen then choose Report > About This Form. LOGDRAFT displays an informational dialog -- what you're interested in is the "Associated Entry Form". Compare that form against the form associated with the project: If they're different, follow the directions given above to change the project or source's data entry form to that used by the report.
  2. If the project and the report you're trying to print use the same data entry form, the report was probably modified to print something additional without providing a means to enter that data. Refer to the Customization Guide for a discussion of adding a field to a data entry form.

What Happens To Data That I've Already Entered if I Change Forms? If you enter data into a data entry field then select a new data entry form that doesn't include that field, your data isn't lost. Changing back to the original data entry form will show the field again, along with the data you previously entered.