Adding Text Annotations

To add a text annotation:

  1. Select Annotate > Add Text. (If you don't have an Annotate menu selection, refer to this section for a discussion on annotatable reports.) LOGDRAFT displays the Text Annotation dialog.
  1. Enter the text of your annotation. Note that you must press Enter if you want the text to be broken up into multiple lines (see this section).
  2. When you have the dialog completed, click OK to continue.
  3. If you've chosen the "align on line" option LOGDRAFT will wait for you to draw a line. The new line won't be a part of the annotations; it just shows LOGDRAFT the angle that you want the annotation text to be drawn at. Begin by moving the mouse cursor to the point where you want to locate the bottom of the first line of the annotation text then click the left mouse button. Next, extend the line along the desired angle for the annotation text: The length of the line doesn't matter, just its orientation. When you have the line at the appropriate angle, click the left mouse button again.

    If you didn't choose the "align on line" option LOGDRAFT will wait for you to place the new text somewhere: Move the crosshair to where the top-left corner of the text is to be placed then click the left mouse button.