Adding Stratigraphy Correlation Lines

The annotated profile shown in this figure includes lines separating stratigraphy layers: These stratigraphy correlation lines were automatically generated by LOGDRAFT.

To add stratigraphy correlation lines to a profile:

  1. Select Annotate > Correlation Lines. (If you don't have an Annotate menu selection, refer to this section for a discussion on annotatable reports.)
  2. LOGDRAFT responds by displaying the Line Properties dialog. Set up the dialog according to how you want the correlation lines to appear then click on OK.
  3. Once LOGDRAFT has added the stratigraphy correlation lines to the screen they can be moved or deleted just like any other annotation entry by following the instructions given in this section.

To remove stratigraphy correlation lines from a profile:

  1. Individual stratigraphy correlation lines can be moved or deleted by using the techniques discussed in this section. To remove all correlation lines from the current profile select Annotate > Correlation Lines a second time.