Adding Lines or Curves

LOGDRAFT supports annotating with a series of connected lines or curves which may be dashed, dotted or solid, and, if you plan on plotting your reports on a color printer, may be any of 16 different colors.

To draw a series of connected lines or curves:

  1. Choose Annotate > Add Line. (If you don't have an Annotate menu selection, refer to this section for a discussion on annotatable reports.) A small pop-up menu appears showing some drawing options that are available. (If the pop-up menu covers part of your drawing, simply drag it by its title bar to somewhere else.)
  2. If this is the first line you've drawn, or if the line's properties are different from the last one drawn (properties are the line's weight, color and type -- solid or dashed, etc. -- and whether or not it is made up of a series of connected curves instead of straight lines) the click on Properties in the pop-up menu: This displays the Line Properties dialog.

    When you have the line properties set correctly, click the dialog's OK button to begin drawing the line.
  3. Begin drawing the line by moving the mouse cursor to the desired location for one of the line's endpoints. Click the left mouse button.
  4. Move the mouse cursor to the second endpoint of the line then again click the left mouse button.

    Note: You can restrict the angles of the lines you draw to the nearest 45° by holding down the Shift key while you draw each point.
  5. Annotation lines may be composed of more than one line segment: To draw another segment, move the cursor to the next desired endpoint then click the left button again.
  6. When you're finished drawing the line, either: Click the right mouse button, choose the Done pop-up option, or click on the selection () toolbar button.
  7. Alternatively, you can choose the Close pop-up option, which completes your set of lines by drawing a final line from the last point you drew back to the first point drawn.

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