Adding Annotations to Projects Without Boring Location Data

While LOGDRAFT does not officially support annotating profiles that have been produced with the No horizontal scaling option discussed in this section, you can add annotations to a project that doesn't have boring location data with a little extra effort.

To add annotations to a project that does not have boring coordinates:

  1. The first step in annotating a project without boring coordinates is to modify a profile form (as discussed here): Open the profile form's Form Settings dialog (covered in this section), click on the Profile tab then select the "Do not draw scale" Horizontal scale location option.
  2. Save the report form and close the report form editor.
  3. The data entry form used by your project must have prompts for "Northing" or "Easting" coordinates: If it doesn't, make a note of data entry form's name (edit one of the borings you've entered for the project -- the data entry form's name is shown next to "Data entry form" on the bottom of the screen). Edit the data entry form (as discussed here) and follow the case study given in this section to add the coordinate prompts.
  4. Save the data entry form and close the data entry form editor.
  5. Open the project you wish to annotate.
  6. In turn, open each of the project's borings, then use the boring's East: field to give each boring in your project a coordinate: enter 1 for the first boring, 2 for the second boring, etc.
  7. When the project is ready for printing, make sure to select the modified profile report form and choose the Proportional horizontal scaling option.