Adding Annotations to a Profile

LOGDRAFT's profile forms can be set up to automatically display information concerning the conditions encountered at borings around a site -- this information is usually in the form of a graphic key to the strata layers encountered along with symbols indicating groundwater depths and possibly testing information such as the natural water content of samples recovered from the hole. However, it isn't possible to automatically add information about conditions between borings (for example, there isn't any way to have the program automatically plot the location of an underground storage tank); to compensate for this, LOGDRAFT features a facility for adding annotations to a profile report after it's been plotted on-screen. This allows you to draw and label the strata layers, show how the finished grade will appear relative to the original ground level and show the location and type of any underground structures.

Original and Annotated Profiles

To add annotations to a profile report, follow the steps discussed in this section to preview the profile on-screen. Pick any profile form -- remember that once an annotation is added to the project, it will show up on any profile report that shows the appropriate section of the project, regardless of the form used. Once the report has been drawn on-screen the menu bar at the top of the screen should include a new menu selection titled Annotate.

Reminder: Annotations are given elevation and plan coordinates when you place them onto a profile. If you change the horizontal or vertical scale of the report the annotation will appear to have moved because the coordinate associated with the annotation will appear in a different place on the report.

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