New Feature List for LabSuite, Classification Suite, Grain Size Version 5

Standards support

  • ASTM D6913 sieve test support
  • ASTM D7928 hydrometer test support
  • Standalone #200 wash tests.

Particle size data entry changes

  • Separate data entry fields for sieve and hydrometer test date, technician and remarks.
  • Sieve test weights now may optionally be entered in pounds down to the first sample split, then grams afterwards.
  • When entering hydrometer readings, the user now only needs to enter temperature values if they're different than the temperature entered on the previous reading row.
  • Sort sieve nest list in UI


  • New particle distribution mathematical model eliminates humps and dips in the curve.
  • "Weight check" calculation compares the total mass retained on all sieves plus mass of the material falling though the smallest sieve against the original sample mass to determine the amount of material unaccounted for.
  • Added the 1 inch sieve as an oversize sieve option.
  • Sand sorting factor and coefficient calculations
  • Folk & Ward statistics (mean & median diameter, sorting, skewness, kurtsosis).

Particle size reporting

  • Up to three specification envelope selections per test.
  • Optional vertical range bars to denote each specification range instead of specification envelopes.
  • Swapped the percent-coarser particle size chart to have 100% coarser on the top, instead of 0% coarser on top.
  • Particle size sieve test summary report includes column showing the "percent of fines" for each post-split sieve.
  • Additional precision for hydrometer reading reporting to conform with D7928 precision requirement.
  • Changed the GSBASIC report form to handle any classification selected though the "Preferred classification" configuration option, then removed the redundant GSBSCAST form.
  • Major revisions to the GSASTM form to bring it up to standards compliance.
  • When the "colored curves" option is selected, plot the first curve on the page in a color besides black.

General reporting improvements

  • PDF files are compressed.
  • Support for digitized signatures on chart reports.
  • Separate margin settings for PDF and printed reports.
  • All printed and .PDF reports now default to Calibri instead of Arial.
  • Added an option to turn off the "automatically combine tests from the same source onto report pages" function.
  • Changing report page figure numbers is now much faster because the page being modified isn't automatically displayed in the report preview pane.
  • Auto-shrink of project number/name to fit available space

Other changes

  • Correct Proctor CT216 abscissa axis to read "Water adjustment" instead of "Water content".
  • Proctor CT216 charts now draw point-to-point instead of curves, per the standard.
  • Proctor oversize correction now supports the coarse/fine mass ratio oversize percentage determination per D4718.
  • Add specific gravity determination method and date received to PRASTM.
  • Change PRGEOSYS to add curve number and date.
  • Major redesign of LIMASTM report form.
  • Major speedup of data file writes over slow networks.
  • Change all screens from old-fashioned (and hard to read) bitmapped MS Sans Serif fonts to ClearType-optimized Segoe UI.