If you're just starting out with the software, consider taking the program's thirty minute tutorial:

These instructions suggest closing CONS so that a test project file can be created. Unfortunately, when the program closes, this page will close as well! Before proceeding, you may want to take a moment to print out the instructions (click on the Print button at the top of the help screen).

  1. Because the tutorial will change your project's configuration settings (e.g., measurement units, curve options, etc.) we'll begin the tutorial by creating a scratch project. To do this, select Test > Save and Exit, then (from the Data Manager screen) select Project > New and type in Scratch when asked for the project name.
  2. When your new project is created, create a new source folder (Source > New), then type B-4 as the source name.
  3. Fill in the first data entry card with a sample number of S-4, then click on CONS at the bottom of the card.
  4. When CONS has loaded, select Help > Tutorial. The program will begin displaying a series of yellow tutorial cards at the bottom of the data entry window.