Test Data Entry

Selecting Window > Readings and Charts displays the test readings and chart preview window.

Swell/Consolidation tests are composed of loading increments; i.e., loading pressures along with a minimum of two time/dial reading pairs.

In addition, intermediate time and dial readings may be entered for some or all of the test's loading increments if you want to have the program plot time-rate charts and calculate Cv values.

Begin entering data for a loading increment by specifying the loading pressure in the Pressure: box.

After typing the increment's pressure, press Enter to jump to the readings grid.

Test Readings

Use the readings grid to enter pairs of elapsed time/dial readings taken for the current loading increment. You need to fill at least two rows of the grid:

Dial readings may be entered with a precision of up to .00001 inches or centimeters. Since it can get tedious to enter, e.g., 0.00 for every reading when your readings are all less than 0.01, the program includes an automatic dial divisor option via the Dial divisor selection box directly below the test readings grid. With the appropriate divisor, you can enter, e.g., 23 instead of 0.0023. (In this example the proper dial divisor would be 10,000.)

When you enter a new dial value CONS divides your value by the number listed in the Dial divisor box. The result of this division is shown on the test readings grid. If you double-click on a reading you've already entered CONS reverses the calculation.

When you're finished entering data for the increment, to start a new increment click on the "Next loading increment" button (see the figure below) or press Enter in the test readings grid without entering anything in the current row's elapsed time column.

Next Loading Increment Button

Saturation Cycles

Saturation, or water-added or swell cycles are entered as two loading increments. The first increment contains the readings at the swell pressure, up to the saturation time. After entering the final time/reading pair before saturation, start a second loading increment. Enter the same pressure, or w or s into the Pressure: box, then enter the post-saturation time/dial readings.

Revising Test Readings Data

You can review the data for an already-entered loading increment by either a) clicking on the loading increment navigation buttons, or b) by clicking on the marker corresponding to the loading increment on the compression curve display.