Compression Results Options

Selecting Options > CONS Setup then clicking on Measurement Units in the left-hand navigation panel allows you to select the units used to enter and report your testing data and results.

Stress units

Use the Input and Output selection boxes to specify the units used when recording the test's loading pressures and the units to be used when reporting those pressures on chart reports. (The program will automatically convert between the input and output units.)

Dimensional units (output)

Use this selection to specify the units used for reporting sample dimensions and test readings. (The software uses the project's dimension units setting -- specified by selecting Project > Dimension Units immediately after opening the project -- to determine the input dimensional units for swell/consolidation test data.)

Unit weight units

Selects the units used for reporting the calculated dry density in the Sample Info. window.

Cv units

Selects the units to be used for reporting time-rate Cv values.