Importing from Data Acquisition Files

While CONS can't directly import readings from digital dial hardware, it can import files created by data acquisition software provided by hardware manufactures to read data from their equipment. Support is included for importing files created by the following manufacturers and equipment lines:

Durham Geo Slope
Geocomp Lab Systems
Geotest Instrument Corporation
Hogentogler GeoStar®

Supported Manufacturers' File Formats as of May, 2015

(See the current list here.)

You can import data acquisition files one at a time or import multiple files at once. To start the process, begin by entering your sample and test information, then select Test > Import Data Acquisition File. CONS responds by showing a file selection dialog:

Data Acquisition File Selection Dialog

For data acquisition file formats the do not hold an entire test in a single file (i.e., each loading increment's worth of data is stored in a different file), you can select multiple files for importing simultaneously. To do this, hold your Ctrl key down as you click on each file to be imported. When you've selected all the test's files, click on the Open button to continue.

After you click the Open button, one of two things will happen: