General Chart Report Options

The basic appearance of the chart reports generated by CONS can be customized by selecting Options > CONS Setup and then clicking on General Settings underneath Chart Reports in the navigation list at the dialog's left side.

Printed reports use color curves

If selected, curves plotted on chart reports are shown in a program-selected color.

PDF reports use color curves

Determines whether chart reports exported as .PDF files show curves in program-selected colors.

Include a disclaimer

If selected, a disclaimer is printed down the left margin of chart reports. The disclaimer is listed in the Disclaimer field directly below the checkbox, and may be modified after checking the Include a disclaimer box.

Drop "Tested by" from reports if a name is not entered

The Sample Info. window includes a data entry field titled Tested by. This field, along with the Drop "Tested by" from reports if a name is not entered checkbox on the program's setup dialog affects the appearance of chart reports:

Drop "Checked by" from reports if a name is not entered

Is similar to Drop tested by... discussed above. Leaving this box unchecked and leaving the Checked by data entry field blank provides an area below chart reports' bottom border for the report's reviewer to sign the page.

Preferred classification system

While not currently used in stock CONS report forms, the software has the capability to include a single user-selected soil classification (USCS, AASHTO, etc.) on a custom report format. The Preferred classification system box selects which classification would be included on the report.