Data Entry Options

Selecting Options > CONS Setup then clicking on Data Entry in the navigation list at the dialog's left side provides you with the following options:

Prompt text color

Sets the color of all data entry prompts. Click Set to select a color or Reset to restore the program's default color.

Navigation tab placement

Navigation tabs allow you to change from one window to another (for example, between the test data entry window and the report preview window). The tabs look like this:

Navigation tabs may be placed at either the top or the bottom of the screen by selecting one of the Navigation tab placement options.

Container weights are entered as

CONS can be set up to keep a list of container IDs and associated weights -- when entering moisture content data, instead of entering the container weight you can enter the container ID and the program will look up the associated weight. To do this, select Tare ID in this box then enter your list of container IDs and weights into the program's container database (Options > Container List).